Well, that hair, those limbs, that surprising brain. it’s like she’s from another planet. She’s a true eccentric. Karen provides my funniest moments on a daily basis. Seeing her run. Seeing her move. Seeing those limbs extend. When she opens her mouth, it tends to be funny – unwittingly, but funny. But underneath her mad exterior, she’s sharp. People love her. She’s hilarious. - Matt Smith 

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#this is a prime example of how the springtime severely affects these magnificently hipster creatures #usually dwellers of dark side alley bookstores and thrift stores #these creatures usually never see light except when attending music festivals or when acting in obscure plays #here these strange beings have claimed this rock as their own #the wild ginger hipster #also known as a karen #perches atop the rock as to alert others around that this is now a hipster territory #the alpha hipster aka the gangly giraffe hipster also known as a ‘matt’ #stands atop the rock guarding his mate the karen #the sweater hipster is also known as the arthur and is renowned for wearing strange sweaters#hence the name #the arthur stands the other side of the rock as the alpha male as not to start any fights over the only female in their tribe the karen #the arthur is also marking his territory with classically hipster blue converse which would rid any mainstreamer from their path #nature #it’s amazing isn’t it

You and me in cat and pup form, to be quite honest.

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